Frequently asked questions FAQs

What's it going to cost me to see you…and how do you get paid?

Initially, we won’t know how much value we can add to your world until we’ve had a chance to listen to your goals and dreams, this is why your first meeting with us is covered at our expense (1+ hours of our time for no cost to you).

Because we believe in keeping advice simple, we have a simple fee model. To help you get all of your Goals planned and all of your foundation's setup (e wealth portal, Debt, Banking, Super, Insurance, Legal etc.) there is a set price of  $2500, or $4950 if we are also setting up your Self Managed Super Fund.

Nearly everybody that decides to get our help also wants ongoing advice and support from us. For that, we simply charge $295 a month for our e-wealth portal and from $395 per month for SMSF advice and admin.

If you choose to leave… we stop charging…. immediately… no strings attached.

So, what have you got to lose…. book a 100% obligation free discussion today.

What do you actually do?

It’s pretty simple really - we help our clients build a list of goals that are important to them, then we give them a plan on how to achieve their goals, and guide them along the journey. We use smart strategies centred around the use of Self Managed Super funds. Of course, we do a lot more than this, but we think this is the most important bit.

Are you only about Self Managed Super super… Is this all that you do?

Yes, most of our advice does centre around Self Managed Super Funds and their investments. That’s what we are best at… We do spend time discussing and considering the roles super, insurance and investments play in the Wealth journey, but behind that, we also do a lot more. We help our clients manage their money, control and reduce their debt, invest for the future and understand what options they have at tax time and clean up all of the legal loose ends.

My friend told me that you helped manage their spending…How do you do that?

e-wealth portal – The Echelon Wealth Portal is powered by “My Prosperity”

So once you know what your goals are, and what it will take to get there, you’ll need to set some of your money aside to reach them…this usually means breaking spending down into categories being  - Living, Lifestyle and Savings.

That’s where the e-wealth portal comes in. It helps to get the right balance between having a life today as well as working on having a better one tomorrow. Our e-wealth portal clients get Spending, Savings and Investments reports each month which show them how they are tracking. What`s more, they can check how they are doing any time  - 24/7.

How do we do this? Check out the e-wealth portal.

What about the saying it takes money to make money – do I need a lot to start my self managed super fund?

Yes, well maybe, it depends… Everyone has got an opinion on this on, that's why you should check out our case study on Rob and Xanthe - a real-life story.  It’s a good example of achieving more with the right tools, advice and self-commitment. It's fair to say that no one's circumstances are the same and we do some of our best work helping clients to identify and work towards great outcomes.

It is true that Self Managed Super Funds aren't for everyone.  It’s a long haul strategy and there are obligations and some catches…

Sometimes it’s the motivation for a Selfie that’s a bit outside the box, or that they just didn’t realise how much was involved. It could be too much responsibility, too expensive to run, crazy expectations and investment suggestions (can I buy my home and rent it back to myself, can I buy some sheep in my SMSF, my mate down the road reckons it’s a great idea  - and then there is bitcoins)

Having said that… both sheep and bitcoins in a self-managed super fund are doable, under some pretty tight and specific conditions.  The deal is to swim between the flags and play by the rules.

Do you want to know more?

Easy, for more information, hit contact us link or check our calendar.