I think I'm paying too much tax.
I want to manage my tax better.

Tax and investments are inter-woven, and often your overall long-term investment returns can really be eroded by poor investment selection and no tax planning. Good results are dependant upon a pro-active tax planning approach as well as choosing the right investments.

We like to understand your tax position first so that we can get the full picture. From there we can recommend investments, structures, and strategies that have a positive effect on your investment bottom line.

We work closely with your accountant or tax agent making sure that you are maximising benefits by determining all available deductions and tax offsets are utilised.

Preparing for the end of the financial year can be a nightmare, and that’s where our “My Prosperity” online portal comes in by assisting you to retain and record the important information, like work deductions, personal expenses and rental income details. All in one place ready to send to your accountant for quick and accurate lodgement of your tax return.  

Tax planning today makes a lot of sense, and we build it in as an integral part of your financial plan; as registered Tax (financial) Advisers we can assess your current position and help plan the best way to structure your investments from a tax perspective.

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