I want to keep track of my income and spending and set achievable investment goals.

“How much is enough?”

It’s the most asked question.  We spend our lives working hard to get ahead. Rarely do we stop, take stock and consider - ‘how soon can I stop doing what I have to do and start doing what I want to do?’ and of course - ‘how much is enough?’.

Our Echelon E Wealth Portal sits at the forefront of our planning process. We help you plot your sources of income and detail your every expense. This provides visibility and clarity which helps you model the decisions you consider today to see how they can affect your future.

Why use Lifetime cash flow planning?

It's pretty common to see people  -High-income Earners (Not Rich Yet) - HENRY's... who don't have a long-term financial strategy in place.  While other HENRY`s have goals, but find it difficult or cannot work out if they will ever achieve them.

Are we on track?  Are we moving closer or further away from achieving those future financial goals?

It's good to be able to check “under the hood” along the way.

For the journey to be successful, its got to be easy.  The e-wealth portal uses the very best technology - the award-winning fintech platform  “My Prosperity,”  

By getting everything in one place, we have redefined how you can track and manage your financial world.  The property, loans, super, wills, insurance, banking and tax – it's all together in one place to help you get the best advice to reach and track your goals.

To help you connect the dots and make this work, when you join us our e-wealth portal will introduce you to your very own personal bookkeeper, who will help you get on board fast and gets things rolling? On the e-wealth portal, you can check on your cash flow, investments and net worth 24/7.

“Without a passage planned and a course set, it can be difficult to arrive at your destination or make the right financial decision’s along the way about important issues like:”

  • When’s the best time to kick back and retire - considering ability and affordability.
  • How much risk to take on with investments - is it necessary to take the extra risk when you may not need to.
  • How and when to release and realise some value from your business.
  • How to plan for and handle large capital expenses in the future (e.g., buying a yacht, the holiday villa, a vineyard or Castle)

We can help you find the answers and plan efficiently for your future. Firstly, we do this by establishing your current net wealth, establish some goals and identify if you are on target,  working through any shortfalls or critical pressure points that might derail them. Part two is to decide how best to allocate assets and resources to keep your plan on course.

With it all plain sailing from here on, we do take time out to plan for contingencies, in case there should there be unexpected events, we also set a regular review to keep everything up to date and on track.

Do you want to know more?

Easy, for more information, hit contact us link or check our calendar.