By Robert Northcoat

For many people, it’s hard to find the time and resources to build and manage their assets confidently. It can be even harder to know how to integrate your values, financial circumstances, and life goals into your financial plan and stay on track for the long term.

At Echelon Wealth Management, we understand how difficult it can be to find the time or energy to devote to necessary but overwhelming tasks, such as investing or financial planning. Our goal is to give you smart financial strategies that work, helping you manage and organise your financial affairs so you can live the life you want.

Who We Are

Echelon Wealth Management is a privately owned financial services firm dedicated to focusing on our clients and their needs. Our comprehensive and integrated approach to financial planning helps you identify your lifestyle goals and evaluate the many aspects of your financial life, including taxes and investments. With that information in hand, we then implement strategies that help you smarten up your overall financial position.

What We Do

While we offer comprehensive financial services including investment management, personal tax planning, family wealth protection, business protection, and estate planning, we specialise in self-managed super funds.

We believe that greater control means more investment opportunities, and self-managed superannuation funds (SMSF) are the vehicle to achieve that control over your retirement savings. SMSFs allow you the opportunity to include others (such as family) in the investment process and decide where your money should be invested, opening the door to personalised investment strategies and unique tax and investment opportunities.

Here’s the reason many people shy away from SMSFs, despite the many benefits: they are hard work. They require time and energy that you may not have. That’s where Echelon comes in. Our services allow you to take advantage of self-managed super funds without the stress. We take care of the day-to-day paperwork, offer strategic reviews, and use top-notch technology so you can check in with your SMSF whenever you want. Our oversight and management even take care of compliance responsibilities so you can rest easy.  

Regardless of if you are 30 or 60, we can help you set the course of your financial life and navigate opportunities and strategies that will shape your future, build capital, and produce long-term income.

Who We Serve

At Echelon, we serve many individuals and families, but our niche is in helping small business owners and senior mining professionals get the most from their business and their investments. Regardless of where they work or how old they are, our clients have something in common: they want to share their story, desire to live a thriving life, are open to advice, and have realistic outcomes in mind. We put our clients first, striving to partner with you to build, manage, and protect your wealth in a way that you understand and feel confident about.

The Echelon Difference

We’re proud to work so closely with our clients and build long-lasting and trusted relationships. We believe there are a number of reasons why our clients choose to work for us. For one, we have small-business experience that goes above and beyond the norm, giving us a solid understanding of common issues business owners face. In addition, our process is organised, smart, measurable, and focused, as well as being balanced and pragmatic.

Take The Next Step

We know you have your choice of advisors. We also know how difficult it can be to find a financial professional to partner with to manage your finances and guide you to your ideal financial future, let alone someone you can trust. At Echelon, we think that you deserve the best. If you want to learn more about us and how we work, we invite you to schedule a complimentary consultation by calling us at 08 9022 7722, emailing, or booking an appointment using our online calendar!

About Robert

Robert Northcoat is the founder of Echelon Wealth Management with over 30 years of industry experience. He specialises in providing advice on self-managed super funds and helping clients build sustainable income streams in retirement. Robert holds a Diploma in Financial Planning from Deakin University, a Graduate Certificate in SMSF from The University of Adelaide, as well as both the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and Specialist SMSF Adviser (SSA™) designations. Outside of the office, Robert loves a good rugby game, a good beer or wine, and great company. Robert and his wife, Maree, spend their free time traveling to interesting places, sailing, scuba diving, and cycling. Together they have cycled the Melbourne-to-Sydney and Adelaide-to-Melbourne routes as well as participated in many mountain biking challenges and events. Recently they sailed their yacht, Scarlet Ribbon, in the Fremantle-to-Bali yacht race and continued to sail a passage through Indonesia and Malaysia Scarlet Ribbon is currently based in Thailand. To learn more about Robert, connect with him on LinkedIn.